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We are certain that you have some, so with that in mind we have decided to create a page specifically for customer questions and answers, so that as we develop our relationship with you, you can engage in reading this.


Organic Plant Food

QUESTION: Why Is BatMaster Called A Plant Food?.

ANSWER: The main reason why we call BatMaster a plant food is because we love the idea that the food in nature is developed by nature for nature, nothing else is required in reality. Apart from that touch of nostalgic return to a healthy and abundant planet, the secondary reason we call our product a plant food and not a fertiliser is due to the regulations that are covering fertilisers that are much more complex than our simple bat poo. We were advised by trading standards to call it a plant food and to be very honest, we prefer it too. Poo to fertiliser. We dont need that title.

Organic Plant Food

QUESTION: How Do I Store BatMaster Plant Food?

ANSWER: When storing, keep well out of reach from children & Pets. Store in original container in dry conditions, minimum of +5 degrees centigrade, Protect from light & frost. Shake well before use.

Organic Plant Food

QUESTION: Please could you tell me what the OF&G symbol is about and why it says the product is restricted, thanks?

ANSWER: We are very proud of our Organic Farmers & Growers Membership. The Organic Farmers & Growers restrictions of use are put in place by the European Standards Agency, and the restrictions are entirely based upon ensuring the organic certification system remains robust. The product is organic and can be used in any way by anyone, but if due to larger scale production a user is a member of an organic certification body they require pre-approval from them to use this product. Use and restrictions are for reasons of monitoring to ensure that produce by organic farming is not infiltrated by non-organic products and nasties. All guano is restricted product as regulatory status. We have signed an agreement that the BatMaster product is sampled and tested by OF&G at their discretion to ensure satisfaction of their standards.

Organic Plant Food

QUESTION: I have been using organic products for years now and I have been looking at using the product for the benefit that it gives us with tastier fruit and vegetables, please can you tell me why we are best to use guano at all above other products, and why BatMaster is a choice at all above other guano products?

ANSWER: All guano, bird and bat is good for plants in some way, but it is important to understand exactly what it is best for before using it. So, this is why we at BatMaster have spent very much time and effort into product research and development, and we continue to do so. Of course, we could, just tell you its wonderful and not really know above other uses of guano why, but that is not our business approach, so we will let you into a little secret, it all depends on what the birds and the bats eat. They have, in their vast variety of species, much varied diets. So just like humans, what we eat is important, they have the same production, what goes in must come out. Therefore, when we are offering you this secret, we won’t tell you what the exact details are, but it is very well known that the bats eat fruit and insects from around their habitats depending upon where they live and what species they are. Our bats, are very much loving the kind of food that makes us very happy, because their poo is remarkable for making our food taste wonderful. That is our answer, but if you want to try it for yourself, take a little bit of BatMaster and put it on your fruit, you can spray it or you can simply add it to the soil, but just watch the wonderful magic happen as the plant finds its own balance with nature. Enjoy

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