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We are not attempting to fool anybody with prices that make you believe something is a pound cheaper when it is only 1p cheaper. Who decided that was a good idea? Only people who like to fool people. Enjoy, BatMaster.

£ 9.00 / 250ml
Batmaster Organic Plant Food 250ml Size
  • 250ml
  • Made With Love From Above
Batmaster Organic Plant Food 500ml Size
  • 500ml
  • This product is coming soon to those who are desiring just a little bit more for less.
£ 32.00 / 1Lt
Batmaster Organic Plant Food 1Lt Size
  • 1Lt
  • Made With Love From Above
£ 50.00 / 5Lt
Batmaster Organic Plant Food 5Lt Size
  • 5Lt
  • Made With Love From Above
£ 130.00 / 20Lt
Batmaster Organic Plant Food 20Lt Size
  • 20Lt
  • Made With Love From Above

When we love what we do the love carries through everything. So we would love you to tell us what you love about our product and when you do we will offer you a small discount on your next purchase if you tell us that we can use your comments on our media pages. We of course won't give personal details but a happy smiling face on a photograph will always be appreciated.

Plastic Containers

As part of our respect for the environment we are very keen to look for alternative use of our bottles. They are made from recyclable plastic, but we are also asking for your ideas on their alternative use. Please send us some ideas for using these bottles and we will post your ideas on our Facebook page (obviously please keep within the limits of decency). If you do want to dispose of the bottles however please dispose of them in a recyclable manner. We are, of course looking into alternative to plastic also to provide you with the same wonderful product in a much more eco friendly manner. If anyone has any suggestions we would be very grateful to hear them. Enjoy your contribution and please call us whenever you like to discuss this. We are all ears. Enjoy, The BatMaster team.

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